Center at Checkpoint Charlie

Developer / Client:

  • Central European Development Corporation

Project Period

  • 1992 - 1997

Project Description:
  • Total area aprox. 20.000 m²
  • Excavation pit depth aprox. 13 m
  • Groundwater integration 10 m
  • Construction of five horizontally sealed excavation pits with:
    - Berlin type retaining wall to clear the construction site from old
    - diaphragm walls with sheet pile supported cut-off walls
    - diaphragm walls
    - injected bottom seal
  • Underpinning of adjacent neighbour buildings
  • Consideration of the nearby underground railway tunnel
Scope of Work:
  • Preparation of tender documents and supervision of the geotechnical field investigations amongst others:
    - 600 m drilling
    - 1000 m sounding

  • Geotechnical laboratory testing
  • Consultation regarding the foundation work and design of the excavation pit
  • Environmental analysis of samples taken from soil and groundwater
  • Geotechnical quality control during the construction work:
    - Elaboration and preparation of a quality control program
    - Anchor suitability test
    - Shearing tests on the cut-off wall

  • Specialized site supervision of the (special) geotechnical work
  • Vibration monitoring during:
    - the anchor insertion under the adjacent buildings
    - the drilling of the injection lances
    - the placement of the beams for the Berlin type retaining wall

  • Vibration monitoring due to the underground railway
  • Expert opinion on the calculation of the vibration transfer due to the underground railway