Company Outing to the Leaning Tower of Bad Frankenhausen

Our annual company outing in May 2011 took us into the beautiful Salle-Unstrut state of Thuringen.

Having picked up our colleagues from Leipzig we were joined by our colleagues from Cologne and indulged ourselves with a lavish buffet at the restaurant of Castle Seeburg at the Süßer See.

Following the buffet we were divided into two groups by the castle’s winemaker. While one group was driven through the surrounding vineyards in three charabancs, the other group climbed the vineyard with the winemaker. We learned about the different ways to cultivate grapes, the grape types and the particularities of the local climate. The dry, northern area of the Saale-Unstrut is situated in the rain shadow of the low mountain ranges of the Harz and Thuringian forests. Müller-Thurgau, Silvaner and Pinot Blanc, which mature early in the season, thrive in this climate with its shell limestone and mottled sandstone local soils. Of course, we tasted some wine on the spot! 

After meeting again at the base of the vineyard the summiteers and charabancs switched roles to complete the tour.

The tour of the vineyards was followed by a formal wine tasting in the Schlossrestaurant of Süßer See. The winemaker presented seven different wines which we all bravely tasted and enjoyed.

Following the wine tasting, we headed from Süßer See towards Bad Frankenhausen with a stopover to view one of our numerous Autobahn construction sites along the A71. Once settled into our hotel at Bad Frankenhausen we were able to tour the leaning church spire of the    century church. With a height of 56m and a tilt of almost 4,6 m, this is one of the most “leaning” towers in the world and certainly the most leaning tower in Germany!

After a short break and change we progressed into the evening. Despite the mis-hap of the Dj and the relatively poor sound system of the hotel, we cheerfully closed the evening well-fed.

A sumptuous breakfast prepared us for our visit to the Kyffhäuser monument. This monument was constructed from 1890 to 1896 to honour the emperor Wilhelm I and is the third highest monument in Germany. We painstakingly climbed the 247 steps to enjoy the truly magnificent view.

A traditional group photo concluded our 2011 company outing and we all headed back home.